Courses and Programmes

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in Undergraduate Courses under Dibrugarh University

(Notification DU/DR-A/6-1/19/412 dated 02.05.2019). (With effect from Academic Session 2019-20)

The Course Structure of the Academic Programmes under the CBCS shall be as per the Course Structure given in Annexure I (Dibrugarh University CBCS Regulations)

Core Courses: Compulsory components of an Academic Programme. These Courses are to be compulsorily studied as a core requirement for the programme. The contents of the Core Courses shall be as per the UGC Model Curriculum for the subject/ discipline concerned. However, the Boards of Studies concerned may recommend maximum of 20% deviation from the UGC Model Syllabi wherever requires. In case, UGC does not provide model Syllabi/ Curriculum, the Board of Studies shall propose their own Core Courses keeping parity of total numbers of credits/ courses with other similar subjects/ disciplines.

Elective Courses: Elective courses shall be chosen by each student from a pool of courses. These courses may be intra-departmental, i.e. Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) as well as inter-departmental, i.e., Generic Elective (GE). The students shall have to choose minimum number of DSE and GE in every semester as prescribed in the Course Structure. These courses shall be:

There shall be a basket of at least eight Elective Courses having equal number of credits. For the students of the same discipline/ subjects these elective courses shall be intra-disciplinary and shall be called DSE Courses. If the students of other discipline/ subjects (within the Programme) opt these electives shall be considered as inter￾ disciplinary and shall be called GE courses. Further, there may be few courses conducted under the UGC’s Programmes on Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)s. The University may time to time fix the criteria for MOOCs as per the relevant UGC Guidelines on digital education.

Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC): The Ability Enhancement Courses shall be of two kinds- ‘Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses’ and ‘Skill Enhancement Courses’. These courses shall be inter-disciplinary (within the Programme) in nature. ‘AEC’ Courses are the courses based upon the content that leads to Knowledge enhancement.

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC): (a) Environmental Science (2 Credit), (b) Communicative English (2 Credit) and (c) Alternative English/Communicative Hindi /MIL (2 Credit). For BA and B.Com Programmes, there shall be a Multi-disciplinary Course of 4 Credits.

Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC): (minimum 4 credits): These courses may be chosen from a pool of courses designed to provide value-based and/or skill-based knowledge and should contain both theory and lab/hands- on/training/fieldwork. The main purpose of these courses is to provide students life-skills in hands-on mode so as to increase their employability. The list provided under this category are suggestive in nature and each University has complete freedom to suggest their own papers under this category based on their expertise, specialization, requirements, scope and need.

Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) for the BA/B.Sc./ B.Com Programmes in the CBCS The List of Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) as per Annexure II of the Dibrugarh University CBCS Regulations.

  1. Creative Writings
  2. Teaching in Elementary Level
  3. Entrepreneurship Development
  4. Retail Management
  5. Desktop Publishing
  6. Travel and Tourism Management
  7. Photoshop and Web Design
  8. Maintenance and Repairing of Electrical and Electronic Appliances
  9. Sericulture
  10. Floriculture and Landscaping
  11. Vermicompost
  12. Photoshop
  13. Web Design
  14. Human Rights
  15. Wildlife Photography
  16. Intellectual Property Rights
  17. Health and Sanitation Practices (From Annexure II)

A Course may also take the form of a Dissertation/ Project work/ Practical training/ Field work/ Seminar, etc. A student shall have to study the academic programme as per the scheme of the Programme. Even if a candidate earns the required number of credits before completion of the full duration of the programme, he/she shall not be entitled for the degree.

BRMGMC, Doomdooma will notify the students regarding taking up SECs when needed.Presently the College is p Three-year Degree Programme (Honours) in Arts under CBCS, Dibrugarh University.

Subjects of study Honours Programme
Political Science
Mathematics Offered as a General Elective
  • Students will be offered Honours Subjects on the basis of Merit and/or Test conducted by respective department.
  • Students from Science and Commerce stream can also join in Economics honours programme.