About us and our mission


To provide affordable, quality and inclusive education for all students. To discover hidden talents, stress on all-round development of students by providing an enabling environment for realizing their potential and sculpting them into future leaders, entrepreneurs and above all, a socially productive citizen and a good human being.


  • To strive for quality and inclusive education
  • To transform the college into an institution of educational excellence
  • To provide an environment for holistic development of students with special emphasis on social empowerment and economic self-sufficiency.
  • To impart knowledge and learning in a manner that helps transform students into good human beings with a sense of social responsibility.
  • To foster a learning community in which the diverse values, goals, and learning styles of all students are recognized and supported.
  • To motivate our students towards professional/vocational endeavours and serve them with a comfortable platform where they can explore their talents in their respective fields of interest
  • To inculcate values of discipline, hard-work, team-spirit, scientific tempers and to develop critical thinkers.
  • Entering into alliances with industry and academic partners to enhance the college’s educational as well as vocational and career opportunities
  • Encouraging students for participation in academic along with extracurricular activities


As per the directive of Government of Assam, Higher Education Department there shall be a Governing Body for a transitory period that shall be functional for a period of three years. The Composition of the Governing Body is as under:

  1. President- Deputy Commissioner, Tinsukia District.
  2. Secretary- Principal, Bir Raghab Moran Government Model College, Doomdooma, Tinsukia
  3. Member- Additional Deputy Commissioner (Education), Tinsukia District
  4. Member- Inspector of Schools, Tinsukia District.
  5. One member from Directorate of Higher Education
  6. One member from Rashtriya Uchhttar Shiksha Abhiyan
  7. Two members of Guardians of Students


Bir Raghab Moran Government Model College, Doomdooma was established by the Government of Assam on 7th March,2020. With the central aim of improving access, quality and fostering equity in the higher education scenario of Assam, Government of Assam, in consonance with the centrally sponsored scheme of Model Degree Colleges, set about this enterprising journey of creation of educational institutions catering to higher education needs. On the basis of nationwide survey of Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) or Gross Enrollment Index (GEI), educationally backward districts or EBDs have been identified which share the characteristic feature of having GER lower than the national average. 12 EBDs have been identified in Assam, out of which Tinsukia is one of them. Our college is a successful manifestation of this spirited initiative of Government of Assam. In the more local context, our college has been able to assuage the severely disproportionate student to higher education institution ratio existing in the Doomdooma region. It is noteworthy that the name of the college, “Bir Raghab Moran Government Model College” holds immense cultural and historical significance for the inhabitants of this region and Assam, at large. In a way, the college implicitly carries forward the glory and immortalizes Bir Raghab Moran, the historic pride and son of the soil of the Moran community and a notable cultural figure and historical luminary of the Assamese socio-cultural life. The cultural and demographic landscape in which the college is situated in has deeply helped in shaping our vision, mission and ideals. Culturally, the area comprises of a rich intermix of cultures and ethnicities. This inspires the foremost ideal of the college to be inclusive in every sense and uphold by heart and soul, the idea of ‘unity in diversity’. It also serves the college an opportunity to hone and showcase the cultural resources and knowledge the students here can offer. A dominant component of the industrial landscape here is the tea sector. Besides, an inclination towards entrepreneurship among students is readily observed. Under such circumstances, the college has a topmost priority of providing a facilitative platform aiming at inculcating the right scientific and technical knowhow and skill-based training to the youth, so that they can materialize their dreams. Even though, the principal rationale of our college when established was to rectify the disproportionate student to higher education institution ratio existing in the Doomdooma region. But currently, our aspirations go well beyond this aim. In addition to adequately fulfilling the core demands related to higher education needs in this region, we have the grand aim of materializing excellence in education through the means of our institution. The dream is to build a state of the art educational agency that would attract talented young minds from the farthest corners of the state setting on a reversal, the process of brain drain that has become the order the day for students here.

Notwithstanding the fact that the college had been recently established, it is a matter of great pride and contentment that regular official classes for UG 1st Semester course in the college successfully began from 21st December, 2020 with an overwhelming student enrolment rate. Although the classes are currently being held in a temporary structural arrangement provided by Government of Assam in the Doomdooma College premises, the permanent campus and building will be ready in near future as the Government of Assam is ramping up efforts for the same. The planned permanent infrastructure and the sprawling campus would comprise of the entire range of amenities required for our college to become an educational institution of excellence starting from spacious and educational technology laden classrooms and library facilities to expansive playgrounds for co-curricular and recreational activities. efforts and cooperation received from all quarters- faculty, students, even the society and neighbourhood. Bir Raghab Moran Government Model College has made its humble beginnings with a Three-year Degree Programme (Honours) in Arts under CBCS, Dibrugarh University and a Three-year Degree Programme (Non￾ Honours) in Arts under CBCS, Dibrugarh University. A few months into our academic journey, the dreaded Corona virus hit again, this time in the form of a second wave, but we have been resilient and strong. Despite being in a formative state, we have made successful arrangements for virtual classes. Notably, the extracurricular activities in college despite the pandemic, have also been vibrantly maintained with webinars, online contests and other programmes being regularly organized by our staff with overwhelming student participation as a constant feature of such endeavours. Such success for a young institution like ours can be attributed to the pro-active attitude, right The College presently has 8 departments viz., Education,Asamese,English, Sociology, History, Political Science, Economics and Mathematics. Our faculty profile is formidable characterized by good academic career, research and teaching experience and notable research publications. Besides a good academic career, the faculty of our college also boasts of diverse skill sets inclusive of leadership skills, cultural and social activism, music and other artistic talents. The students of our college are an enterprising lot, in a short span of time, as the first batch of students, their enthusiasm to do their level best and their good will for this new college is praiseworthy. Their willingness towards learning and knowledge in spite of the fact that most of them belong to economically humble backgrounds is commendable. Apart from this, the diversity of talents among our students, more of which is yet to be discovered, is truly instrumental to the overall growth of our institution.